Posting policy

Do real advertising, and only for yourself

Ads listed for pure marketing purposes without offering any concrete goods, works or services are not allowed.

Ad title

The title of your ad should describe what they are selling / buying, and should not include price, salary, promotional words, contact details or necessary search words. Examples of promotional words include “promotion”, “best deal”, “best offer”, and “discount”.

Ad description

Your description should describe what is published. It should not be copied from other advertisements (this is illegal under copyright law). It should not contain unnecessary search words, offensive remarks, or links to other auction / ad / market sites. Unnecessary search words are words that have nothing to do with the article being published. For example, ads like Nike shoes should not include words like “Adidas”, “Reebok”, or “Puma”.

Ad category

You should place your ad in the category that best describes what was announced.

No multiple items in 1 ad

You should only advertise 1 unique item in each ad.

No duplicates

You should not place the same ad more than once. If you want to advertise the same article again, please delete ads before placing a new ad in the same article.


You can place links related to your ad in the description of the ad text. However, you cannot place links to another auction, registration or marketing site.

The images

You should add images related to your ad. Company logos must not be used as images except for “Services”, “Jobs” and “Business for Sale” in a category.

An image is not appropriate if:

  • Taken by another user, and used without consent
  • Have contact details (phone, email, link, Facebook, or any other personal info)
  • There are images of children
  • There are promotional words
  • There is the own watermark advertising in contact details and prices
  • There is a company logo placed in the center or any of the four corners of the image; or covering more than 30% of the image
  • Not in JPEG or PNG format
  • It’s too small or clear, or it’s not irrelevant

Original articles

Pirated goods and forged items, including “luxury” bags, “brand” clothing and gears, CD / VCD / DVD, and computer / game-console software are not allowed. All published articles must be original; we suggest that you include the necessary document image (s) in the ad to prove the authenticity of the item.

Illegal goods

Ads featuring goods that are prohibited from sale under Haitian law are not allowed on
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