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This site is designed to help you learn how to best sell or buy anything for people in the Haitian community. You can read, watch and download what interests you about it. We want others to enjoy this site as well. You may share your views by encouraging others to visit this site as set forth in the Terms of Use, below.


It is, Inc. who publishes and manages this website. All text and other information on this website are the intellectual property of If there is text and other information that is not for, they will be notified.

Name and Logo

All names and logos are copyrighted.

Conditions and authorizations for the use of the site

Anyone using this website needs to comply with the terms and conditions of use. By using this site, you agree to all of these terms and conditions and to any other terms of use of the site (all referred to as “Site Terms of Use”). If you do not agree with the Terms of Use of the Site or if there is one of the Terms of Use of the Site that you do not agree with, you must not use this Website.

How to make good use of the site? While respecting the lower limits, you can:

  • View Legal Rights images on them, download them and print them. You may view, download or print electronic publications, music, photos, text and videos for your personal use, not for trading purposes.
  • Share links or electronic publications, videos or audio programs you can download from the site.
Or you can:

  • Take images, electronic publications, logos, music, photos, videos, or articles from this site to the Internet (regardless of the Internet site, file sharing site, video sharing site, or social networking site).
  • Take images, electronic publications, logos, music, photos, or videos from the site and republish them using any software or make them components of any software (including placing these materials on a server for software use). ).
  • Reproducing, duplicating, copying, distributing or otherwise distributing images, electronic publications, names and logos, music, photos, text or videos on the Site, for the purpose of trading or making money (even when you are not make benefits).
  • Create any software, applications and programs, tools or techniques designed to capture, copy, download, pull or gather information and data, HTML code, images or text on this site (small or large) with the intent to distribute them. (It is not forbidden to distribute free non-commercial applications that are designed to download electronic files such as EPUB, PDF, MP3 and MP4 files to public parts of this site.)
  • Misuse of the site or site services by using a method other than that provided to disrupt the operation or installation of the site.
  • Use the site in any way that is causing or may cause the site to have problems or that may cause the site to appear or that may make it difficult for someone to climb on it. Nor must you use the Site in an unlawful, illegal manner to commit fraud or harm or use it for any purpose or activity that is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or to hurt others.
  • Use the Site or any of the images, electronic publications, logos, music, photos, texts or videos on it in any trade-related activity.

We do not provide warranty and our liability is limited

This website, all its information, its contents, its materials and other services made available to you through the site, are made available by makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied. does not guarantee the site is free of viruses or anything that can cause problems. will not be liable for any damages, any damages that may result from the use of any service, or any information, items on the Site, materials or other services made available to individuals through the Website, including l, but not limited to, damages resulting from such consequences or indirect damages, which may result in a penalty or consequence (including loss of profits).

When a person does not respect the conditions

Without denying's other rights under these terms, if you violate one of these terms in any way, may act against you as it sees fit to deal with cases where a person would not comply with the terms, including blocking access to the site and preventing you from accessing the site. may block computers with your IP address so that such computers do not have access to the site. He may contact the Internet access company to request that you block access to the site, and / or he may sue you.

Changes may make changes to these conditions from time to time. Changes to the terms of use of the Site will begin to apply from the date these changes are posted on the Site. Please visit this page regularly to make sure you understand the latest changes.

Law and jurisdiction

You can place links related to your ad in the description of the ad text. However, you cannot place links to another auction, registration or marketing site.

Each condition is valid on its own

Even if a court finds that one of the Terms of Use of the Site deserves to be revoked, is invalid, inapplicable or illegal, the other terms are still valid. If any of these terms and conditions are not met by, we do not intend to waive this condition or waive its right to enforce this condition.


These terms represent an agreement between you and on your use of the Site, and supersede all prior terms of your use of this Site.
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